Crown Cleaning Trees

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Tree Crown Cleaning Services

This is the removal of dead dying or diseased wood from the canopy of the tree along with the removal of broken and rubbing branches, unwanted epicormic shoots and climbing plants such as ivy. When crown cleaning any major deadwood would also be removed especially if the tree is within a high-risk area i.e. regularly used footpath, highway, bus stop, or garden area.

Crown clean is a general term used to describe the removal of smaller diameter growth within the crown of a tree such as sucker/epicormics growth. Some types of trees naturally produce large amounts of sucker growth such as Cherry plumb, or certain types of Limes trees. Other trees may send out sucker growth due to stress or from being previously excessively pruning.

Our skilled arborists have been caring for trees of all species, age and size, for many years.

We can provide expert advice on all aspects of maintaining your trees and a full tree care service including crown reduction, thinning and lifting, removing deadwood, pruning all species.

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