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We offer a friendly and professional range of tree services covering all aspects of tree care to residential and commercial properties throughout Hampshire.
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Looking for a Hampshire Tree surgeon?

Angus Tree Services Hampshire is a fully qualified team of friendly, reliable, and above all, professional arborists. We offer a range of tree services at both domestic and commercial level. Check out our full range of services below.

Tree Crown Reduction

The process of reducing the overall crown / canopy of the tree by a given amount usually 20-40% while maintaining the tree’s natural shape.

Tree Crown Thinning

This is the selective removal of branches in the canopy while maintaining the tree’s shape. Also to increase light penetration and air movement.

Crown Lift

This is the removal of any branches in the lower canopy causing an obstruction. Used to give clearance to property, highways and walkways.


This is a maintenance technique used to control the tree size, e.g. to keep a large maturing tree small.

There can be no question that Bob Angus offers an excellent service. Combining energy and enthusiasm with an undoubted skill, he fulfilled our recent tree felling and garden pruning needs, especially where height work was required. On top of this, when unable to answer the phone (no doubt up in a tree somewhere!) he would always respond to a message, something which sadly cannot be said for some of his competitors. Best wishes Bob and look forward to booking you in for the autumn prune…

Tony (Southsea)

Crown Cleaning

Selective Pruning and Removal of dead, diseased or broken branches.

Hedge Trimming

This is the trimming, shaping and maintenance of all types of hedges.

Tree Pruning And Cutting

Pruning during the early years of a tree’s growth tree helps to establish a trees desired form.

Tree Felling

This is the complete removal of the tree, leaving the stump using site-specific techniques.

Hedge and Tree Planting

If you’re looking to improve the look of your garden or even a much larger- scale area such as a public park, golf course, football pitch.

Garden and Land Clearance

Whatever your clearance requirements, we can help you regain control over your garden or land.