Crown Lift Tree

We offer a range of friendly and professional tree crown lifting services.

Tree Crown Lift Service

Crown lifting is carried out to increase the clearance between the ground level and the lower branches either to allow access below the tree, to clear sight lines, improve views or allow light to penetrate to the ground. By removing the lower branches you can: Keep away from traffic. Keep them away from a buildings. Make signs visible that were installed too far off the ground. Let in more light. Open up a desirable view. Create a lower trunk free of branches. This type of pruning does much less damage to a tree than reducing the canopy size. It is best done gradually over a period of years. Our skilled arborists have been caring for trees of all species, age and size, for many years.

We can provide expert advice on all aspects of maintaining your trees and a full tree care service including crown reduction, thinning and lifting, removing deadwood, pruning all species. If you would like to discuss our tree crown lifting services or would like to request a free, no obligation quote, please call us on 07775 764 669 or email us here.