Tree Pruning Portsmouth

We offer a friendly and professional service covering all aspects of tree care.

Tree Pruning And Cutting Service

Trees bring beauty, scale and grace to any garden. However, sometimes they can become too large and dominant within their location and need to be cut and pruned back. Regular expert pruning that works with the tree’s natural shape and form will ensure it is maintained safely and keep it healthy so you can enjoy your trees throughout the seasons for years to come.

Providing a comprehensive tree pruning service, Angus Tree Services Ltd is available throughout the week to help you with branch and leaf removal. Our tree pruning service is important to the life of your tree. Whilst undertaking a pruning, we will look for any spots where your tree may be damaged. We also remove any overhanging branches and advise you on any care techniques should undertake if your tree needs them.

Our skilled arborists have been caring for trees of all species, age and size, for many years.

We can provide expert advice on all aspects of maintaining your trees and a full tree care service including crown reduction, thinning and lifting, removing deadwood, pruning all species.

If you would like to discuss your tree pruning needs or request a FREE, no obligation quote, please call us on 07775 764 669 or email us here.