Tree Surgery for Estate Agents in Portsmouth

Do you manage a large number of properties with trees on them? Angus Tree Services will tend to all of the trees on your property and undertake contractual work for managing agents all over Portsmouth, Fareham, Waterlooville and Havant.

Tree Services for Estate Agents Portsmouth

If you are a managing agent planning to have tree surgery works carried out on your properties, Angus Tree Services can assist you in many ways. We can take care of the whole process by collecting the keys from your office or liaising directly with the tenants whether your property is occupied or empty.

You do not need to attend the property for the quotation visit. Everything from booking times is arranged, to keeping you informed of the progress along the way. Just let them know we are going to contact them, and if we have the keys, there is nothing more to do on your part.


Managing Agents in Conservation Areas

Managing agents in conservation areas will have to apply for permission to the local council, just as they would if your trees have a tree protection order. You will not be allowed to prune any trees, let alone felling one without facing a hefty fine from the government. This is why we recommend checking with your local council first as this can also speed up the process.


How We Handle the Application

For estate agents with properties within a conservation area or where trees have a protection order on behalf of the owner, we can speedily apply for any necessary permissions. On the first visit, we will know if any trees require permission. We contact the council directly and liaise with them for your proposed works. Applications can take as long as six weeks but reduced if any trees are dangerous and need to be taken down in emergency cases.


Carrying Out the Proposed Works

When we have received the necessary permissions, and you are ready to proceed with your quote, our office staff will book you in at your earliest convenience. We will then send out a team of professional tree surgeons on the agreed date to carry out the proposed works.